How The Health Are You?

What’s wrong with you? You look fine. Maybe it’s in your head.

               If I have to hear that from someone one more time I think I’d scream at them. Seriously, people say things like this all the time to me. I have an autoimmune disease and struggle with countless things and people have the need to say things they know nothing about such as “maybe it’s all in your head”. I had to pray hard not to get violent with the individual. If you are like me at all then you have countless symptoms that have no name or cannot be seen by a blood test. It can be frustrating when people ask what you have and you really have no specific answer. Well if that’s you then we are in this together.

                I became a professional singer and with that came a lot of amazing opportunities. But instead of being all cool experiences, I had to think about my health first. I have recently had to take a step back from singing because my health has taken over my throat and I can’t sing without excruciating pain. I would get called for amazing sessions and have to think about saying yes because they started too late in the evening. My bed time has now become 8pm because my body is so done from the day. Traveling the world was awesome except that I had one huge suitcase designated for all my supplements and powders and stuff. I am allergic to a lot of foods so I would have to go to the store and eat instead of get to try awesome food from these different countries. So, with awesome opportunity came a lot of extra work on my part to not then get sick after. I can’t be with people all day because I get migraines and lose my voice or get nauseous or super exhausted. So when people ask me what’s wrong with me because I look fine I never know what to say as a quick answer.

                I have gone to doctors my whole life and for the most part do not love them. In the past year the same response has been “maybe you need an antidepressant” which makes me cringe. Yes, yes Doctor I have all these symptoms that make me not able to enjoy one single day without pain and instead of focusing on that you want to focus on depression. Why yes I have become prone to depression over the years with all these issues, but it would go away if my health issues would as well. Some of these doctors just want to throw a pill at me without really evaluating my entire health. I know that all doctors are not this way but when you hear it over and over it’s hard not to become skeptical. I recently found a functional doctor who has practiced as a gynecologist for ten years. She made the switch over to functional medicine so I like that she approaches you from both perspectives. I have had lots of testing done and some results that I have not been able to get with a regular doctor. But even with all this, progress is painfully slow. Results that have happened on “worst case” patients haven’t even started to help with me. So it gets tiringly frustrating trying to figure what exactly I have. I couldn’t tell you and I don’t know if any of my doctors could as well.

                This is why I want to start this health blog. I feel like I meet more and more people who have issue that they just can’t explain. Even if it’s as simple as constant headaches or unexplainable acne, these are all pains to us everyday. We should not get used to feeling this way and there are so many outlets to try and figure out how to get healthy. I will definitely discuss trending topics but I also want to throw in some of my own experiences with situations. Health is so trendy right now but being healthy doesn’t seem attainable if you don’t wear Lululemon or love kale. There’s so many topics I want to cover and I want all of your input as well. Please tell me what you are going through and if you have found relief. If you haven’t, what approaches have you taken? I want this to be a place where a community of people devoted to getting healthy can talk about what works, what doesn’t work and what is just a plain dumb trend. I will also be posting recipes that are easy for people who hate cooking like myself.

            I have attached a link to Dr Norling’s website, who is my doctor. She has some great articles here as well, and some of which we will discuss at a later time. Thanks for following me on this journey! Happy Health to you all!!

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7 thoughts on “How The Health Are You?

  1. I find that when people say it’s in my head I can just give them a quick rundown on how it works — “Actually the disease has been active for about 20 years and it will be visible in about ten more years, because it starts in organs you can’t see. Yes, I’ve tried all the supplements I can afford to try. I know, stress and depression make it worse, but it’s hard to have the energy to control my moods because i’m tired anyway and then I have the illness to work around.” “I’m glad a gluten-free diet works for your daughter, but it’s expensive and time-consuming. I do try to cut back on unhealthy foods.” “Losing weight probably would help, but exercising is hard for tired folks.”

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  2. Hi Sweet Whitney,
    It was sure great seeing you the other day. Since then I have been thinking about you and praying for health & healing for you. As someone who has dealt with ‘weird’ health stuff for a very long time I always hestitate giving advice, suggestions and the like to fellow ‘weird’ health stuff sufferers for reasons I know you know!!! Haha!!! Someone I know and love very much and is quite a bit younger than I had suffered for a long long time with issues very similar to mine found out (finally) prolly 5 yrs ago or so that she has Lyme Disease and actually the diagnosis didn’t come until after an initial screening for Lyme came back negative and then a 2nd, more involved test showed positive and now she has been on a very long, painful journey back to health since then but she was, of course, happy to finally have a diagnosis. I would assume the subject of LD has at least come up in your quest for answers to your own health puzzle but your story reminds me so much of my young friend that I wanted to tell you about her. Love, Laura

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  3. Hey Whit, this makes me so bummed for you. I’ve been dealing with issues myself for years with no real clear explanation. I recently got tested for Hashimotos, it came back negative but I found out I do have hypothyroidism. I have been such a clean eater for years, highly active and yet I can’t seem to drop any weight to save my life. Not only that, I have had severe and chronic back pain since college, so even what I can do physically is very limited. No chiropractor, masseur, D.O., acupuncturist or otherwise has been able to do anything about it or even explain why I’m always in pain. It’s beyond aggravating to know how much pain you feel but have people, doctors even, just look at you with a deer in the headlights kind of look like, “I dont know what to do with you.” It starts to get to you, and you wonder if it could all be in your head- but only for a split second because you know its not! And it’s miserable because you’re like, if someone could just tell me what I need to do, goodness knows I’d do it! I’ve had pills and perscriptions thrown my way, all sorts of unwarranted advice from clueless people, and even a few hurtful comments. I once had a girl say to me when I was explaining my struggles with health that she had wondered what my deal was, “you’re not particularly thin” she said, “but I know you don’t eat gluten or dairy, so you seem like you must eat pretty healthy, but I just figures you were eating gluten free cookies all day.” (Face palm). If only you knew how far from the truth that is. 😭 lol. Anyway all that to say, I feel you. I’m so sorry. I with you. Keep going! I’ll keep going too! You’re awesome!!


    1. Of course, with hypothyroid comes chronic fatigue, which I forgot to mention. Weight is really the least of my worries, but also just a struggle. I have digestive issues too, tend to do best on an anti inflammatory diet. What do you find works best for you in that regard?


  4. I am so sorry you have been having health problems!! there are so many people with unexplainable health issues these days, I feel like I meet one on a daily basis 😦
    just started following you, I have a vegan recipe/lifestyle & Cruelty-free beauty Blog as well,
    so glad I found your blog & Happy to connect with you 🙂


    1. Thanks so much! Ooh I will definitely give you a follow as well!! Ya it’s unfortunate how many people struggle with so much nowadays!! Thanks for reaching out this is exactly why I want to do this 🙂

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