5 Tips for Traveling Healthy!!


I have been in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for three years. This has been difficult for every aspect of life but especially my health. My boyfriend has been so understanding and willing to help out in whatever way possible. For example, I have to have these shakes in the morning and when I would go see my boyfriend I had to take a blender with me which is not ideal for flights. He has purchased a blender and certain other ingredients that I must have in these shakes.The Ninja Bullet is the blender I use and like but if you have the finances, the vitamix is my favorite because you can put pretty much anything in it and it will puree into a smooth drink. He has become much more acquainted with Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s then he would probably like to admit. People don’t realize how difficult traveling and vacationing can be when you suffer from health problems and have  a lot of things you need to think about to stay feeling well. It is possible it just takes some preparation and I would love to help ease the pain for you guys.

1. Prepare Before You Leave

The first important key for me has been preparation before I leave on a trip. I know this is annoying and there are times I wish I didn’t have to do all this. I have had to learn that there are certain things I have to do to maintain my health. I used to get annoyed and feel sorry for myself but along the way I said, “Ok I have to plan more around my life than most do and that’s alright.” I like to start a couple days, or a week out depending on how long my trip is. I went on tour for a month to South America and that took almost 2 weeks of prepping. I start by organizing all my supplements by meal. I have to take a certain amount each meal so I will bag them all for every day so I don’t have to think about it while on my trip, I can just have them ready. I then take and separate all my powders that I have to put in my shakes and I will put them all in different baggies or containers as well so I can just pour one bag in the blender and take up way less space in my bags. If you are like me and you need a blender, A Magic Bullet can be a great option. I like to put a lot of veggies in mine so I need something a little more powerful but the bullet has been a great and easy travel option when I have nothing else. This little process allows me to think less about all my pills and powders that I have and more on my trip once I get there.

2. Pack Snacks That You Actually Like

Another helpful way to prepare for a trip is to realize that gas stations, airports and hotels are probably not going to have what you need for a healthy snack. So many times when I am in a hurry I assume I’ll grab something on the way and then that something is never a helpful solution. Not being prepared allows for cravings and unhealthy choices to be made and that’s not necessary. I like to pack different items in a separate bag that will come in handy when I’m hungry. Think of your favorite healthy protein bars and stock up on fruits and nuts. Think of things that you also enjoy so that eating doesn’t have to just be a necessity but something you look forward to. I’ve packed nuts and the same protein bars for the whole trip and got so sick of them by day 2, so make sure you have a variety of items. Sometimes I will pop my own popcorn and add coconut oil and salt or pack some yummy black bean and quinoa chips. Try to keep variation so you’re not eating almonds every couple hours. I will usually have a separate bag solely for my food so that I am prepared when I travel. Once in a while I will have to check a bag or I will forego a couple more outfits so I can fit everything in a bag to carry on if it’s for a flight. Just make sure you have the right amount of snacks to sustain your trip for when you are not near food.

3. Check the Menus at the Restaurants You Will Be Near

Eating out is also an issue when you are trying to maintain a level of health when you are traveling or on vacation. One way to prepare is to research the restaurants that are in the area you will be in before you get there. It’s better to be prepared and aware, than go into a situation knowing nothing about what the food options are. Depending on how sensitive you are to foods, it can also be really helpful to check out the menus and what kind of substitutions can be made. This will also help prepare you if you need to bring more of the types of food you can bring with you.  If you are traveling with people who do not have any health concerns, then try to pick the restaurants if possible. I used to have the attitude to making wherever work because I did not want to be a nuisance, but it just made eating out really tough on me. When you get to these restaurants do not be afraid to be obnoxious with specific questions. You obviously don’t have to be rude about it but you need to know what all you will be consuming. I usually have to ask if there is gluten in a dish and if they say no then I ask if it was cooked in the same oils as something that does have gluten. I also have to ask about every sauce that is used. Yes it’s annoying but they put so many things in different sauces, it’s shocking.  It’s also smart to tell the waiter right off the bat to skip the bread basket and the alcohol menu. These are just extra temptations you do not need. If you are on vacation of course you want to be able to splurge a little but try to pick and choose when that will be. Drink lots of water! Having a couple glasses can help curb some of your cravings. Try to focus on a protein dish instead of an all carb dish and lots of grilled veggies. When dessert comes try to order berries or fruit only. Some of these tips can be helpful in avoiding temptation that could cause you to feel worse after you eat.

4. Do Some Grocery Shopping Once You Get to Your Destination

An option that my family always does on vacation is going grocery shopping. Just because you are staying in a hotel or resort does not mean you have to eat out all the time. We like to pick which meals we will eat out and which we will cook ourselves. Ask the front desk where you’re staying where the local super markets are. Ask if there are any Whole Foods or natural food stores you can shop at. This is a great option and can also really cut down the cost of food on a vacation.

5. Enjoy Your Trip!

If anyone tells you that vacationing and eating perfectly healthy is super fun, they’re dumb. BUT you can still have an amazing trip, so enjoy it!

Vacationing, and going on trips, doesn’t have to become a huge bummer just because of health and food limitations. You just want to be prepared and have what you need to stay healthy. If you are wanting to have a drink, have a drink, but make sure you don’t go overboard. If you want to have something sweet, you should, but it should be in moderation, and your other foods should be whole, enriched foods. You just need to be prepared because you will make a lot less unhealthy substitutions and maybe even come back from a vacation still feeling good. Wouldn’t that be fun!!

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