My Last Week In The ER (This One is For Women)

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Last Thursday was a normal day for me. I was cooking some dinner and had been feeling a bit of an annoyance in my stomach. I was walking to the bathroom, thinking that might help, and all of a sudden I got struck with this insane sharp pain in my lower abdomen and my rectum. I KNOW! So weird! I felt like I couldn’t walk and I hobbled to my bed. The pain was so insane I was shaking and could not find any position that made the pain less. I tried to look on line and see what it might be. Some women wrote to sit on an ice pack, so I tried that. My poor boyfriend and his family were so concerned and trying to help me. We decided I needed to go to the Emergency Room because the pain was literally unbearable. About 6 hours later of Morphine inducement and exhaustion had kicked in, my doctor told me a Cyst had burst in my ovaries and my right ovary had been hemorrhaging. This had to be one of the most intense things that has happened to me physically, and I am no stranger to the ER unfortunately throughout my life.

My point for this post is to share with other women about going to your Doctor and Gynecologist often enough so that you can know what your body is doing. I realized I hadn’t been to my OBGYN for almost three years. For someone with my issues, that is way too long of a gap. I had a cyst on my ovaries before but then it had gone away, so I was assuming that I was still in the clear. It has been a little over a week since my incident happened, and I am still in quite a lot of pain. My doctor has told me that it can take up to a couple weeks for the cyst to completely drain from your system. Bummer! With the pain has come bloating and more indigestion, as well as being exhausted. My pain is usually a little better in the morning and then rough in the evening. After you have a cyst burst, doctors say it is more likely to happen again so I will have to stay dedicated to seeing my doctor because I do not want this to happen again at all!! If you are having any discomfort or feel anything that is not normal, make sure you are having conversations with your doctor. I am all for researching and figuring out ways to heal your body naturally, but if I didn’t go to the ER I could have been in trouble. What are some issues you guys are dealing with? How have you found relief?


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